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Globalfisco Management is a reference company in the areas of Accounting, Financial Consulting, Management Consulting, Applications for Incentive Programs and Investment Projects, operating in Funchal since January 1997.

Our company has qualified technicians in the areas of accounting, management and economics, in order to offer our clients an adequate response to each specific situation.
Globalfisco Management is dedicated to management and financial consulting, seeking to offer its clients management support that allows them to make informed decisions, using the latest management tools.



Accounting Services

Our firm provides accounting services by Certified Accountants (CCs), registered with the Portuguese Certified Accountants Association, to help individuals and companies manage their financial records, calculate taxes, analyze financial data and prepare financial reports. Accounting services include bookkeeping, tax preparation and planning, internal auditing, financial statement analysis, budgeting and payroll processing. Accounting services are essential for businesses of all sizes as they help ensure accurate financial reporting, compliance with tax laws and efficient financial management.

Consultancy Services

Our company's consultancy services are provided by economists registered with the Order of Economists in Portugal in order to provide expert advice and support to businesses, organizations, or individuals. These services involve specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in finance, IT, management, strategy, marketing, and human resources.

Our company's consultancy services include a wide range of activities, such as:

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1. Conducting research and analysis to identify business opportunities, challenges, and risks

2. Developing strategies and plans to improve business performance, efficiency, and profitability

3. Providing guidance and support to implement new processes, systems, and technologies

4. Identifying and assessing regulatory compliance requirements and providing guidance on best practices

5. Developing and delivering training programs to enhance employee skills and capabilities

6. Facilitating communication and collaboration among different teams, departments, or stakeholders

7. Providing advice and support on mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, and other complex transactions.

Portugal 2030

Our company provides consultancy services in formalizing applications, monitoring projects, and carrying out payment requests within the scope of Portugal 2030.

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Portugal 2030 is a strategic development plan aimed at positioning Portugal as a competitive and innovative country by the year 2030. The plan is a joint effort by the Portuguese government, private sector, and civil society to drive sustainable economic growth, create jobs, and improve the quality of life for citizens.

The plan is divided into seven focus areas – innovation, knowledge, and qualification; social inclusion, equality, and citizenship; environmental protection and combating climate change; territory, urban regeneration, and housing; competitiveness, internationalization, and external projection; culture, creativity, and digital transition; and governance, public administration, and justice.

To achieve its objectives, the plan outlines several key initiatives such as increasing investment in research and development, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, strengthening education and skills training, improving access to healthcare and social services, promoting renewable energy and circular economy practices, and upgrading public infrastructure and transportation systems.

The ultimate goal of Portugal 2030 is to build a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable country that can effectively compete on the global stage.

Digital Nomads

Our company provides accountancy and consultancy services to Digital Nomads because the team speaks several foreign languages.

Madeira Island is an excellent destination for digital nomads due to its scenic beauty, modern infrastructure, high-speed internet connectivity, and favourable weather conditions throughout the year. 

Some of the reasons why Madeira Island is an ideal place for digital nomads are:

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1. Beautiful location: Madeira Island is known for its stunning natural beauty, including lush landscapes, rugged cliffs, and turquoise waters.

2. Modern infrastructure: Madeira has a well-developed infrastructure, including modern airports, reliable transportation systems, and good-quality accommodation options.

3. High-speed internet connection: The island has excellent high-speed internet connectivity, which is vital for digital nomads who rely on online communication and work.

4. Favourable weather conditions: Madeira has a mild climate all year round, making it an ideal location for those who prefer a warm and stable climate.

5. Activities and culture: The island offers a range of activities, including hiking, surfing, and exploring the cultural heritage of the island, making it an exciting and stimulating place for digital nomads.

6. Tax regime: Portugal, and therefore Madeira, is known for having a favourable tax regime for foreign workers, making it an attractive destination for digital nomads.

Overall, Madeira Island is a great location for digital nomads looking for a peaceful and beautiful environment with all the necessary amenities and infrastructure.


Our company provides consulting services for setting up international companies within the institutional framework of the International Business Centre of Madeira.

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The International Business Centre of Madeira (IBC) is a tax incentive scheme designed to attract foreign investment to the island of Madeira, which is part of Portugal. The IBC was created in 1987 and has been an important factor in the economic development of the island.

The main benefits of the IBC are the low corporate tax rate of 5% for eligible companies, generous tax exemptions on dividends, interest and capital gains, and the absence of withholding taxes on payments to non-resident shareholders.

Eligible activities include international trading, information technology and shipping. This favourable tax regime has attracted many multinational companies to set up operations in Madeira.

The IBC is regulated by the Portuguese government and is subject to strict compliance requirements, including regular reporting and audit requirements, to ensure that only legitimate activities receive the tax incentives.

Real Estate Services

Real estate services provided by the company, with the real estate mediation license n. º 18531 with the “Instituto dos Mercados Públicos do Imobiliário e da Construção (IMPIC)”, cover a wide range of activities related to the purchase, sale, rental or lease of properties, which includes:

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1. Property administration: Management and maintenance of properties on behalf of landlords, including tasks such as collecting rent, responding to tenant complaints, and organizing repairs and maintenance.

2. Real Estate Agent: Facilitating the purchase, sale, or rental of properties on behalf of buyers, sellers, or landlords.

3. Valuation Services: Providing expert opinions on the value of properties, often for purchase, sale, or refinancing purposes.

4. Title and escrow services: Dealing with the legal paperwork and financial transactions involved in transferring ownership of a property from one party to another.

5. Home Inspection Services: Inspection of properties to identify any issues or defects that need to be addressed before a sale is completed.

6. Real Estate Marketing: Advertise and promote properties to potential buyers or renters through various channels such as online listings, print ads and open houses.

7. Real estate development: Planning and implementation of new construction projects or reconstruction of existing properties, including tasks such as site selection, design, and financing.

Overall, property services play an important role in facilitating the transfer of ownership and ensuring that properties are well managed and maintained.

Credit Advisory Services

The Credit Advisory Services provided by the company, with the license n.º 0006106 with Banco de Portugal, are professional services that help individuals and businesses manage their credit effectively. These services may include credit counselling, debt management plans, credit repair, credit monitoring, and credit reporting analysis. The main goal of credit advisory services is to assist clients in achieving financial stability and success by providing them with effective tools and strategies to improve their credit scores and overall creditworthiness. They may also provide guidance on responsible borrowing habits, debt management, and financial planning. 

International Trading

Our company offers professional and reliable services in the global commodities sector, each of them tailored to suit your specific circumstances and needs. We help our panels of buyers and sellers buy and sell commodities.

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International trading refers to the exchange of goods and services between different countries. It involves the buying and selling of goods and services across international borders, which leads to an increase in the flow of goods and services, foreign investments, and technology transfer.

International trade is facilitated by various factors, such as globalization, advances in transportation and communication technologies, and trade agreements. International trade allows countries to specialize in producing and exporting goods and services that they have a comparative advantage in, while importing goods and services that they cannot produce efficiently.

International trade has significant benefits, such as increased economic growth, job creation, and access to a wider range of goods and services. It can also lead to lower prices for consumers and higher profits for businesses.

Architectural Services

Our company's architectural services are provided by architects registered with the Order of Architects in Portugal and their teams and include the following professional design and construction services:

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1. Site analysis and feasibility studies: The initial phase of architectural services, which involves analysis of the site, identifying any potential issues or opportunities for development.

2. Conceptual design: Creating a preliminary design proposal that outlines the overall look, style, and feel of the project.

3. Schematic design: Refining the initial design concept and developing detailed drawings, floor plans, and elevations.

4. Design development: Further refinement of the design based on feedback from clients and other stakeholders.

5. Construction documents: Preparing detailed technical drawings and specifications that are required for the actual construction of the project.

6. Bidding and negotiation: Helping clients select qualified contractors, reviewing bids, and negotiating contracts with builders.

7. Construction administration: Managing the construction process, including site visits, reviewing progress against plans and specifications, and ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.

8. Post-construction services: Providing support after the completion of the project, including maintenance, repairs, and additions or renovations.

Health and Care| Unidade de Saúde - Unidade de Alzheimer Dragoeiro, Ribeira Brava
Author of the Architectural Project - Tânia Fernandes, member of the Order of Architects n.º 15961



Our purpose is to integrate sustainability and responsible business practices into our core operations and services. We aim to go beyond traditional financial reporting and contribute to sustainable development by considering environmental, social, and governance factors. Our firm strive to promote transparency, ethical behavior, and accountability among our clients and within the broader business community.


Our firm operates closely to clients to understand their financial needs and provide tailored solutions. We maintain financial records, assist in tax compliance, provide financial advice, and help clients make informed business decisions. We also offer guidance on financial reporting, budgeting, and cost management. To achieve our ESG goals we adopt ESG Reporting and Assurance, Advisory Services and Internal ESG Integration.


Our firm aligns financial practices with environmental, social, and governance considerations, fostering sustainable development, enhancing stakeholder trust, and promoting responsible business practices. By identifying and assessing ESG risks, our firm helps clients understand potential vulnerabilities and develop strategies to mitigate them.



"The company has a team of enormous professionalism and personal friendliness. Where the work is always done with attention and detail that conveys the greatest security and confidence to customers. I strongly recommend Globalfisco!!"

Eduardo Jorge

"I needed help to set up a company and Globalfisco was competent, fast and super helpful. Every step was explained to me and they even gave me additional tips. Just one example: They recommended me to open the required bank account at a bank that has a promotion for startups: 3 years of exemption from account maintenance costs! What a save!"

Wolfgang Dafert

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